Meet the Chef


My name is Nyanyika Banda. Most people call me Nyks (pronounced “neeks”).

My heritage is Malawian-American. I was born in Massachusetts and currently reside there, however I have spent much of my adult life living in the upper mid-west (Wisconsin & Minnesota, specifically).

Cooking has been a passion of mine since I was in middle school. My interest in recipes sparked after taking Home Ec with Mrs. Tripp. I would find recipes from my mother’s various home and women’s magazines and test them on my younger siblings. Since then I have been obsessed with all things gastronomical. I have worked as a chef, server and bartender in restaurants, resorts, hotels, in private homes across the world and even for a wilderness outfitter and guide company.

My love language is cooking and hosting, and by creating Martha’s Daughter, I have an avenue to share this love with you all!


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